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About Real Estate Tennessee

Meet Monica Neubauer - Owner of

Are you one of many people who see Tennessee as a delightful place to live or visit? Well, I would agree with you!  If you want to buy real estate in just about any market in Tennessee, you are going to need some help.  This state is a popular place to live or invest in because of a few key draws - our lack of a state income tax, reasonable property taxes and moderate cost of living.  We are in a fast paced market and we want to help you be ready to buy, get moved in, and start your new life in Tennessee.  


This website offers you excellent REALTOR®️ options across the state.  We have agents who work in many counties in TN represented here and I can also find an agent for the counties not listed.  I have been working with leaders in the real estate industry since I started in 2002 and I have picked only excellent agents for you to consider for your desire to move to Tennessee or invest here.


Who am I and why should you consider these agents for your purchase? 


I am Monica Neubauer, real estate agent since 2002 in the Franklin and Nashville, TN area.  I have been a real estate speaker since 2008 and have spoken all over TN and in 30 states nationwide where I get to engage with real estate association leaders and agents who value education in order to be more skilled and provide great service to their clients.  I have the privilege of hanging out with amazing agents whose goals include great service for their clients and raising the bar for agents in their area and around the country.  These people value education, and serve at associations in their local area, state and for some, on the national level.  I am also the Podcast Host for the National Association of REALTORS Center for REALTOR Development Podcast.  (


I want you to have the opportunity to work with an excellent agent.  The bar is low to enter the real estate industry.  And there are lots of agents.  You deserve to have an excellent agent.  I am thrilled to offer this opportunity to you to select an excellent agent for your move to TN.  Contact them directly or feel free to start with a call to me (615-568-8384) and I will be glad to make the introduction.  

And actually, I can help you find amazing agents all over the country.  Feel free to call me at 615-568-8384 or email me at if you want some help finding great agents!

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